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Sóljan Glaslist

At Karlamagnusarbreyt 11 in Hoyvík, you will find a small family business that produces handmade glass art 

It is Ruth Heinesen, together with her family, who owns and operates the company Sóljan glass art. 

This business started in 2013. 

Sóljan glass art produces handmade glass art with inspiration from the Faroe Islands and the Faroese nature. 

We have also made an effort to have a good selection for tourists.

We started by producing handmade glass art, which is manufactured from coloured glass sheets that are then fused, and subsequently ground and polished to be ready to sell. 

When the demand increased, efforts were made to establish a glassblowing workshop, and in 2018, the furnace was lit for the first time. This is the first and only glassblowing workshop in the Faroe Islands. 

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Our products can be found at:
  • Østrøm Tórshavn
  • Taxfree shop at the Airport
  • Hotel Hilton Tórshavn
  • Hotel Brandan Tórshavn
  • Hotel Hafnia Tórshavn
  • Taxfree shop onboard Norrøna
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